What’s the rate?

That sounds like a simple question, but it’s not. For example, which loan would you prefer?

  • 3 year loan with a 10% interest (add-on per annum interest)
  • 3 year loan with a 20% interest (monthly compounded interest)
  • The 20% rate is a much better deal.  Surprised?

When comparing finance contracts, you need to understand how the rate calculated and what kind of contract is being used.  Why not let CapStar help you?  We will always tell you the truth.  Maybe that’s why most of our business comes from repeat customers.

Here’s a helpful website with a rate calculator.


Can I get approved for financing?

We often surprise customers with an approval, right after they have been turned down by another finance company.  We even have programs for start-ups and problem credits.

Why do finance companies say that there is no interest in a lease?

If there was interest in a lease, then a portion of each payment would go toward interest, and the rest of the payment would go toward principal. This is not true for a lease. The lease payments are just rent.

Can I payoff early without a penalty?

Every contract is different.  Unlike home mortgages, which last for 15-30 years, short term financing contracts will commonly include a prepayment penalty.  CapStar has financing programs with low-cost provisions for early payoffs.  If this is a concern, discuss it with your CapStar representative so we can select the best program for you.

Is a lease better than a loan for taxes?

Please consult with your CPA because this is a complicated question that depends on many factors.  Generally speaking, the new tax laws and depreciation rules are very favorable toward the leases and loans we offer.

My bank is cheaper. Should I go with my bank?

Here’s a good story about a guy that chose not to use CapStar.
So He Went With the Bank