Buying Checklist: How to Get a Great Used Semi-Truck

When searching for the perfect used semi-truck, you must do your research and make a solid game plan. It’s a big investment and one that your income (and future success) depends on. While My First Truck Financing can help make your financing process a seamless one, you’ll need to find the right semi-truck for YOU as an owner-operator. 

So, before you start shopping for your used semi-truck, make sure to check out our buying checklist!  

Here’s How to Get a Great Used Semi-Truck 

Start by asking yourself: 

1. What do you need from your semi-truck? 

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re adding to your fleet, you should always start your used truck search with a list of everything you’ll need from the vehicle.  

Do you need a day cab or a sleeper truck, manual or automatic transmission, how much horsepower is needed, do you have a preferred make and model and engine, etc.?  Make sure you know your non-negotiables and stick to them.  

That said, this is your first truck and likely won’t be your last. So, be willing to make some compromises to find the BEST FIRST TRUCK for you.  

2. What’s your budget, and will you require financing? 

The budgeting and financing of a semi-truck can seem intimidating. But CapStar makes the process an easy one. 

You have to know your credit and current financial standing. Even if you have bad credit, you’ve still got options. We’ll talk you through the full process and find the plan that best works for you.  

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3. Have you done your research? 

Even if it’s love at first sight, don’t just settle on a truck right away. Perhaps a different seller has your desired semi-truck for a better price and with a warranty. Or maybe another dealer has an even better truck for you that wasn’t considered before. 

Shop around but don’t go running your credit at all the truck dealerships in town. That will severely MESS UP your credit, not the best place to start your new trucking & logistics business. So, talk to a reputable financing company first, then go see the trucks in person (with approval in hand) before making the final decision. This is especially important to be pre-approved during the current truck shortage, because once you find the right truck, you will need to move quickly, or that truck will get sold to someone else. 

Need help finding your first truck? Here, you’ll talk to real people who know the trucking industry like the back of our hands. Call us to get on the path to growing your own business. Why keep working to build someone else’s?  Jim at (813) 594-1120  or Chris at (813) 594-1115 (habla español) are happy to help you out! 

4. Do you have a complete history of the truck? 

Running a vehicle history check on any semi-truck you’re considering is a MUST. From accidents and maintenance to upgrades and oil changes, this will give you a complete view of the truck’s history. You don’t want to chance the safety and functionality of your used semi-truck by not knowing its history.  

5. What is the condition of the semi-truck? 

If it’s not in good condition, you’ll spend more time fixing it than driving it. When buying your first truck remember to check for damage, rust, oil leaks, wear and tear, mileage, etc.  

Most sellers will allow you to test drive the truck to see how it operates. And many will let you take it to a mechanic to make sure everything is in good working order.  

6. What kind of offer do you want to make? 

Congratulations! You’ve decided on your perfect used semi-truck. Now it’s time to MAKE YOUR MOVE and put in an offer! 

We can help with that! It’s simple to start the credit application process online with My First Truck Financing by CapStar. We’re here to help you on the road as a new owner-operator.  


Let’s get you into a good semi-truck! Give us a call today for more info. You’ll talk to real people who know the semi-truck industry inside and out.  

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